About Us

When powered by Questeq’s Educational Technology Management (ETM) service, K-12 school districts experience a positive cultural change towards digital transformation. We right-size technology teams, provide highly reliable technology infrastructure and improve data management. Questeq then bridges the gap between technology and curriculum which ultimately drives innovation in the classroom. With Questeq, customers can focus on the core mission of education while achieving unparalleled value from their technology investments.

Our Vision

We deliver educational technology management that positively affects student achievement.

Our Mission

We help our customers to achieve unparalleled value because their technology investments improve the teaching and learning environment.

Our Strategy

We provide an innovative Educational Technology Management (ETM) service that clearly differentiates in outcomes and price from any other option available to K-12 public school districts. This flexible, vertical focused service provides superior support, plans for inevitable technology changes and brings on-going transformation as the district’s vision evolves.