ACLD Tillotson School Expands Partnership with Questeq

ACLD Tillotson School Powered by Questeq
After three years of using Questeq for augmented technology services, the ACLD Tillotson School is expanding their partnership with Questeq to include full Educational Technology Management (ETM) services. This expanded partnership will provide management of the entire technology department with the addition of an onsite Technology Coordinator. The newly approved plan begins with investments in infrastructure and applications designed to meet the specialized needs of their students.

ACLD Tillotson School, located in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, services children who have autism, specific learning disabilities and other various diagnoses from thirty different school districts and one charter school. The school provides an elementary, middle and high school special education program for students who range in age from seven through twenty-one.

Questeq plans to build upon the current successes at ACLD Tillotson School by providing a high level of support and continuous technology innovation. We look forward to our ongoing and expanded partnership with the ACLD Tillotson School.

Hopewell Area School District Expands Partnership with Questeq

Hopewell Area School District has agreed to expand their existing partnership with Questeq to include full educational technology management services, with the unanimous backing of its Board. The district serves approximately 2,100 students in Beaver County, which is located in southwestern Pennsylvania. Questeq has provided technology staff to Hopewell since 2009. With this new expanded partnership, Questeq will now manage the entire technology department.

The newly approved plan begins with right-sizing the technology department staff, including the addition of a full time technology director. This brand new position will be responsible for daily technology operations and innovation. The partnership will also bring enhancements to technical competencies, improvements in administrative and instructional application management, data integration, support and classroom innovation. Questeq plans to build upon the current successes at Hopewell by providing a high level of support and positive changes towards digital transformation. We look forward to continuing our ongoing and expanded partnership with Hopewell Area School District.

Questeq Renews ETM Service with Three Long-Time Customers

Questeq is pleased to announce that three of our long-time Pennsylvania customers have renewed our ETM (Educational Technology Management) service including West Allegheny, Moon Area and Riverside Beaver County School District. Each district recently agreed to a multi-year contract and have plans to expand their technology department staff as part of the agreement. We have been educational technology partners with West Allegheny since 2001, Riverside since 2006 and Moon Area School District since 2008.

This summer was filled with many customer renewals and new opportunities. We are thrilled that 98.5% of our outstanding renewals were successfully extended and expanded over multiple years.

The Questeq team will continue to support and innovate with our existing and new customers as we all strive to provide the best educational technology experience for all students, faculty and staff.

2016 Mark Stainbrook Memorial Technology Award Recipients

Questeq strives to become an integral part of the school districts and communities in which we live and work. Our yearly technology award program provides eligible high school seniors from Questeq’s customer base an opportunity to apply for a one-time academic scholarship. Questeq is pleased to announce a total of $8,500 was awarded to 11 deserving students. For the two recipients attending Robert Morris University, the university will provide a one-time $500 matching award.

This award is given in recognition of one of Questeq’s valued employees, Mark Stainbrook, who passed away in September of 2006. Mark served as Questeq’s National Sales Representative and was passionate about technology changing and improving education for the future.

2016 Award Recipients

Eugene Sciulli, Questeq CSO presents award to 2016 recipient.

In addition to delivering the monetary award which will help cover tuition and other educational expenses, members of the Questeq Leadership Team attended each academic awards ceremony to congratulate the deserving recipients.

Best wishes to the recipients of the 2016 Mark Stainbrook Memorial Technology Award. We wish you continued success as you begin to pursue your higher education.

Questeq Brings ETM Model to New Jersey

For the first time in over 30 years Questeq will expand to new territory outside of Pennsylvania.  After 12 months of research and investigation the state of New Jersey has been selected.  Multiple states were considered but New Jersey provides the best fit for Questeq’s Educational Technology Management (ETM) model.

Questeq has aggressive plans to expand our Educational Technology Management service outside of Pennsylvania. This is one small step towards our goal.

We are excited to share our ETM model with members of the New Jersey educational community which includes over 200 school districts. All Questeq departments across the company are prepared to help New Jersey schools achieve unparalleled value from their technology investments. The Questeq sales team will be kicking off our new partnership by attending the NJASBO Conference in Atlantic City this week.