Wilmington Area Case Study

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Technology transformation and move to individualized learning within the realities of a limited budget

Together with educational technology management partner, Questeq, Wilmington Area School District is making a major technology transition. The district is ahead of the curve with regard to the recently passed Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), creatively leveraging limited resources to help students truly grow individually as opposed to just performing well on standardized tests.

On track with ESSA

With the passage of ESSA, decisions about student accountability are in the states’ and local school districts’ hands. With less federal government pressure for students to perform well at specific testing periods during the year, standardized testing may become less frequent, and the door is opened for districts to prepare individualized programs to bolster the success of each student.

Revamped infrastructure and dual platform helps age-appropriate individualized learning

In July 2015 Wilmington’s School Board approved a contract to transition the district’s IT program to Questeq. The first step was right-sizing the technology department, and then implementing a more robust infrastructure and dual platform device program (iPads for younger and Chromebooks for older students).