Central Valley Case Study

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Central Valley School District is within its projected budget, successfully engaging over 2,500 students and educators in a 1:1 program with integrated district-created digital textbook-less curriculum.

The Original Vision

Central Valley’s (CV’s) vision is probably like the one your district has: Improve student engagement and outcomes with media rich curriculum. Also, provide more opportunities for all students so they are better prepared for college and career. But, the plan that CV embarked upon to realize their vision is unique and has lessons that may be useful to multiple districts.

Digital Curriculum Key to Funding

1:1 was the answer. And CV knew that it was not the devices that would drive better engagement, but a curriculum that fostered a media-rich learning environment. For CV this meant having its educators create a new digital curriculum that meets the high expectations set by the national Common Core Standards. This curriculum would enable CV to eliminate the expense of purchasing new text books every curriculum refresh cycle. Funding the 1:1 program depended upon eliminating annual textbook purchases—freeing up $350,000 per year.

Outsourcing Technology Staffing Enables Building Technology Support Specialists

Right-sizing the technology team was another core decision in the process and CV looked to technology partner Questeq, to strategically staff a support team that would free up time for the visionary technology director to implement strategic initiatives. The technology team has only expanded in number from three to five as the student 1:1 rollout progressed to 1,300 devices. This enabled CV to have building specialists available for support in HS/MS. Outsourcing the new technology staff positions under the district’s technology director put the right talent in place with significant employment cost savings.