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Following a vision to quickly transform South Side Area School District (SSSD), with 1-to-1, digital curriculum and real time assessments the district set a plan in motion. Part one of the challenge for SSSD was to move from legacy mobile laptop carts to 1-to-1 very quickly. Part two of the challenge was to motivate educators to make technology an integral teaching partner.


The Questeq onsite IT staff undertook a large data collection assessment, where every classroom instructor was asked the same question, “what do you NEED from a technology tool for the students to be successful?” Even with precious little room for research in the timeline, the survey was the first step of many to engage and encourage participation by educators.


South Side has seen a year-to-year steady gain in student achievement. The school district anticipates more progress over the next school year. Many other intangible changes can be seen in the district: Students are more excited to get to class, no longer lingering in the hallway or arriving after the bell rings. Also, teachers have noticed an increase in computer/technology literacy and student engagement has increased in all grade levels, K-12.