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Large rural/suburban districts like Philipsburg Osceola (PO) are in danger of “being the child left behind” unless they embrace the digital changes that can transform a district and give it a chance to compete. PO needed to right-size its technology department to deliver a better digital support experience.


The PO School Board approved a contract with Questeq, a K-12 technology management provider, to manage the technology program at the district. PO transitioned quickly to a stabilized state after right-sizing the technology department. Questeq re-engaged top-performing PO tech staff and added new processes and resources to better leverage technology for a better classroom experience.


A little over six months later the district now has a superior technology support experience and confidently uses tablets and smart boards in all classrooms. The Pennsylvania information management systems (PIMS) manager ensures the district’s data is accurate and maximizes state funding that is based on that data. The district also implemented a new finance software system and upgraded phone and security systems.