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Fannett Metal School District (FMSD) is a very small district with very big challenges. The district is located in a rural area with limited resources. Its already stretched budgets add to the challenge of raising student assessment performance. In 2013 the district leadership, with full support of district teachers and students, took an aggressive step to improve student academic achievement by marrying online assess- ments with new instructional practices.


After a device inventory identified 100 units over 10 years old, the district consulted students on preferred replacement devices. Beyond device and wireless upgrades FMSD is moving forward with the formal installation of new help desk and device tracking procedures. Very importantly the district is now moving all grade levels towards online assessments.


Students are noticing that technology, instructional and administrative staffs are pulling together, giving of their own time, stretching budgets and beginning the technology and culture changes needed to permanently impact student achievement. FMSD looks ahead to a future 1-to-1 initiative as a goal, so students can continue digital learning at home. Also on the horizon, the district hopes to leverage the installation of a KINBER funded high-speed network.