Assemblies Bring The Challenge Program to Students at BCCTC

BCCTC Assembly

Pictured from left to right: Jessica Azur, Questeq Director of Business Administration; Jeff Main, Questeq CEO; Rodney Davis, Questeq Technology Coordinator @ BCCTC; Laura DelVecchio, BCCTC Assistant Administrative Director

The Challenge Program was presented to Questeq over the summer by Joe Oliphant. We were very excited about the opportunity to work with our partner school, the Beaver County Career & Technology Center. Our first event was an interactive assembly for the students at BCCTC and I was really not sure what to expect.  The assembly script given to us a month prior to the October kick-off date outlined the format and content of the upcoming presentations. It was an interesting concept but as the kick-off assembly drew closer, I was beginning to worry that the students would not be engaged during the presentation.

On assembly day, we were pleasantly surprised how interactive the students were and how interested they became in the program after each presentation.  We participated in six assemblies over the course of the day with over 100 students and faculty members in each session.  I enjoyed the chance to work with Questeq’s CEO, Jeff Main on this project. We have the unique dynamic of working together as a brother and sister in our family owned business.  While we have been working together for over 15 years, this was the first time we worked together as a team with students in a school setting.  Jeff took part in the first half of the assemblies and I presented the second half.  During the presentations we explained who we are as Questeq and why we partnered with The Challenge Program.  We then were joined by seven student volunteers and Mr. Oliphant for a 25-minute skit.  The skit showed how the students could successfully complete The Challenge and stay in the race over the course of the year to win $200.00 prizes and a $1,000.00 prize.

In the end, the students had fun and were motivated to win The Challenge at the end of the school year.  We are really excited to present the checks to the winners in the Spring and Fall of 2017 and congratulate them on their achievements!

You can learn more about our partnership with BCCTC and The Challenge Program here. The Beaver County Times also wrote an article about the assembly and program here.

Questeq Participates in Blessed Bag Charity Drive

Blessed BagAs a breast cancer survivor, I work with a charity very near and dear to my heart called Blessed Bag. The charity was created in 2014 by Kristina Azur Mete after seeing the difficult journey that cancer patients travel in the battle for their lives. There are two types of Blessed Bags, one for adults and one for children. They contain comfort items to help anyone going through a difficult health issue.

Since 2014, the charity has given out over 500 bags nationally. Most recently, a bag was given to a mother of one of our Questeq team members, who was featured in this newspaper article.

If you know someone going through a health battle and would like to give them some comfort and a smile, please contact us with your request for a Blessed Bag.

The charity is currently in need of more bags to share with deserving individuals. If you would like to donate, please click here:

The owners of Questeq have graciously agreed to participate in a Questeq charity drive with Blessed Bag. For every dollar donated from a Questeq employee, Questeq will match the donation.  At the end of November, Questeq will match dollar-for-dollar the money donated by Questeq employees!

Remember, if you know someone in need of a Blessed Bag, just contact us and I will send one out, no charge at all!

Questeq Participates in The Challenge Program with BCCTC

Questeq is proud to partner with our customer, Beaver County Career & Technology Center (BCCTC), to bring The Challenge Program to students in 2016-17. We will be coordinating and participating in several events at BCCTC throughout the school year, starting with several kick-off assemblies on October 25th.

The Challenge Program, Inc.’s mission is to build sustainable Business/Education partnerships while introducing students to careers in their communities. At Questeq, we believe that strong partnerships are vital to providing the best possible service and outcomes for our customer districts, their teachers and students.

Students who participate in The Challenge Program will have the opportunity to develop successful habits in several areas including attendance, STEM, community service, academic improvement and academic excellence. In addition, the students will participate with Questeq in programs designed to foster good employment habits and workforce readiness.

We will continue to support BCCTC along with the rest of our customers to help students succeed in college and career. Check back for more updates on this partnership throughout the school year.

The Challenge Program BCCTC

2016 Mark Stainbrook Memorial Technology Award Recipients

Questeq strives to become an integral part of the school districts and communities in which we live and work. Our yearly technology award program provides eligible high school seniors from Questeq’s customer base an opportunity to apply for a one-time academic scholarship. Questeq is pleased to announce a total of $8,500 was awarded to 11 deserving students. For the two recipients attending Robert Morris University, the university will provide a one-time $500 matching award.

This award is given in recognition of one of Questeq’s valued employees, Mark Stainbrook, who passed away in September of 2006. Mark served as Questeq’s National Sales Representative and was passionate about technology changing and improving education for the future.

2016 Award Recipients

Eugene Sciulli, Questeq CSO presents award to 2016 recipient.

In addition to delivering the monetary award which will help cover tuition and other educational expenses, members of the Questeq Leadership Team attended each academic awards ceremony to congratulate the deserving recipients.

Best wishes to the recipients of the 2016 Mark Stainbrook Memorial Technology Award. We wish you continued success as you begin to pursue your higher education.

2015 Mark Stainbrook Memorial Technology Award Recipients

One of our goals at Questeq is to give back to the communities in which we serve. Our yearly technology award program has provided over $50,000 in financial assistance to local students within our customer base. This year we provided a total of six awards to seniors who met and exceeded the application criteria.

This award is given in recognition of one of Questeq’s valued employees, Mark Stainbrook, who passed away in September of 2006. Mark served as Questeq’s National Sales Representative and was passionate about technology changing and improving education for the future.

Congratulations to the recipients! We wish all of you great success as you begin your college careers.