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Questeq's Annual Christmas Card Contest

Each year we work with students at our partner schools to help us design our company Christmas card. In art class, students create their best holiday designs for submission to the contest. The winning designs are featured in our company Christmas card.

2020 ACLD Tillotson School Finalists

The ACLD Tillotson School was founded in 1972 by a not-for profit corporation, The Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities, Incorporated. Located in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh, the ACLD Tillotson School serves students ages 5 to 21 and school districts throughout a seven-county region. Their high school students created designs for 2020.

Brandon from ACLD Tillotson School

Demetri from ACLD Tillotson School

Teresa from ACLD Tillotson School

2019 Crawford Central School District Finalists

The Crawford Central School District is located in northwestern Pennsylvania and serves K-12 students in Meadville and Cochranton, Pennsylvania. Students from their five elementary schools participated in the contest.

Natallie From Crawford Central SD
Natallie from Crawford Central SD
Isaac From Crawford Central SD
Isaac from Crawford Central SD
Isla From Crawford Central SD
Isla from Crawford Central SD
Joanna From Crawford Central SD
Joanna from Crawford Central SD
Deanna From Crawford Central SD
Deanna from Crawford Central SD

2018 West Allegheny School District Finalists

West Allegheny School District is located 15 miles west of the heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. West Allegheny serves Findlay and North Fayette Townships and Oakdale Borough within the Allegheny County borders. Student designs from West Allegheny High School were showcased for the 1st annual Christmas card contest.

Anne Marie From West Allegheny SD
Anne Marie from West Allegheny SD

On behalf of everyone here at Questeq, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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