3 Big Education Problems and 1 Tried and True Solution.

Is your district wrestling with any of these issues?

  1.  Retirement System Costs Skyrocketing.
    • According to the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ), 40 states have raised district retirement system contribution rates an average $1,200 or more per teacher each year.
  2. Data Reporting Problems Costing District.
    • It’s one thing to learn that state data misreporting may cause your district to get less state funding than planned. It’s quite another to learn that the propriety of state funding provided years before can be called into question.
  3. Budget & Culture Slowing Needed Technology Transformation.
    • Today there is unprecedented pressure to use technology to increase student achievement. Let’s face it: overburdened Tech Departments don’t have the time to keep your district ahead of the curve.

1 Solution: Outsource Education Technology Management

Watch the 3 minute video to see how Questeq’s Education Technology Management service helps you cut variable staffing costs and refocus dollars on quality education—while you keep top performing technology professionals working for your district.

* Questeq’s proprietary calculator will use a few of your district’s budget numbers to demonstrate what may substantial savings for your district.