Maximize E-rate funding with audit-compliant solutions based on your vision for technology in the classroom.

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E-rate 101: Funding Window Now Open

There are two categories of funding.

  • Category 1, technologies or services that connect the school or library to the internet. These solutions receive funding based on percentage of students in the district that qualify for free lunches.
  • Category 2, WiFi and network infrastructure solutions, are available to based on student population—typically $150 per student over a 5-year period.

The submission window to claim E-rate funding closes in March 2019.

Why funding dollars can be left on the table

Too many times schools leave eligible E-rate funding on the table. And too many times consultants that are clerical in nature just pass underfunded plans through.

Sometimes there are deeper functional or technical needs that are required where technology is needed to bridge the gap between curriculum and engagement in the classroom.

Getting right technology and E-rate help to fund it, begins with a school’s vision for how technology can bridge the gap between curriculum and engagement. Questeq manages educational technology in almost 40 schools. Our E-rate consultants understand how to apply best technology practices to your school’s vision, and then get every eligible penny of funding.

Maximize your funding and minimize your audit risk with Questeq’s trusted E-rate strategists

Questeq’s E-rate solutions give consideration to the immediate needs of schools, but also plan with meticulous detail for future long-term needs based on best practices in all the districts Questeq manages. Our solutions are future-minded and scalable, and available for all of our partners.

Proposed changes in future E-rate funding

In a survey of 1,000 school leaders, please see the percentage of respondents that favored these new items be supported by the E-rate program:

Category 1: New E-rate support favored by respondents

  • 82%……Failover Internet Service
  • 79%……Off Campus Internet
  • 76%……Restore Telephone Services
  • 58%……School Bus Internet Access

Category 2: New E-rate support favored by respondents

  • 96%…….Network Security
  • 88%……VoIP Equipment

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