Two Questeq partner schools fueling life-changing engagement with technology, are featured in PASA’s November Publication

See a 1:30-minute video summary by CEO, Jeff Main, or read the highlights below.

How does your school approach personalized learning?

When we realized that two of our partner schools – Wilmington Area School District and the ACLD Tillotson School – are tapping into the full potential of personalized learning, we decided to share a deeper look at what is working for them.

We explore the topic in detail in the November 2018 PASA Newsletter in an article titled, “Educational technology essential to personalized learning.” We worked with PASA on the story as part of our partnership. We proudly sponsor PASA every year, because we believe that their core mission aligns with our vision to empower learners so that they realize their full potential.

1,000 surveyed teachers say technology positively impacts the classroom

In the story, we reference a study of 1,000 teachers conducted by the Mid America Nazarene University which reveals that, today, only 42 percent of assignments are done by hand. More than 73 percent of teachers are using laptops or tablets every day in the classroom. We argue that this technological trend empowers learners by creating an educational pathway that is perfectly suited to each student.

What is working?

We then delve into how WASD, named one of only 250 Google Reference Districts in the world, is using CDT testing data to track student progress and outcomes. They share how they achieved full district-wide teacher enthusiasm only three years after launching their new technology initiatives.

Get more detail on what is working for Wilmington, including video interviews with key WASD stakeholders.

We also explore how Tillotson, a 75-student school serving students with complex learning disabilities, uses technology to even the playing field for its students by meeting learner’s specific needs.

See how technology evens the playing field for ACLD Tillotson, including video interviews of key school stakeholders.

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