Is your state’s* school budget outlook less-than-optimal like it is in PA?

According to the PASA-PASBO 2017 School Budget Report, Pennsylvania schools are in their seventh year of budget trends defined by increased pension, special education and health insurance costs, plus disappearing federal stimulus funds. This has caused school districts to take desperate measures such as raising taxes, cutting staff and programs and closing buildings.

“We can only cope and hope,” says the report. One way that schools are coping is by turning to outsourcing. The report states that 30.4% of districts are outsourcing for substitute teachers, 26% for transportation, 23.1% for food service and 8.3% for custodial/maintenance jobs.

Consider a Questeq partnership. Questeq will review overall costs, risks and likely school progress under an outsourced educational technology management partnership. If our design meets your approval, we begin work with you to right-size your technology team based on best practices learned in the 40 school systems we manage. Our fixed-cost model provides stability in unpredictable budgetary times. And, Questeq provides the technology team the support of corporate resources and ongoing professional development. Questeq becomes an integral part of your school’s culture and empowers your new plans for teaching and learning with technology, that bridges the gap between curriculum and engagement.

Click here to read the full PASA-PASBO 2017 School Budget report.

Click here to read the full PASA-PASBO 2017 School Budget report.

*AASA has affiliate relationships with 49 State School Administrator Associations. See the links to each here. Perhaps your state Association has a similar report.