1,000 Long-Time Teachers Surveyed Say Tech Improves Teaching and Learning

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MidAmerica Nazarene University surveyed 1,000 teachers on their use of technology in the classroom. The participants were high school teachers, from a mix of private and public schools, with five years’ teaching experience or more. The study found:

  • 80% of teachers have access to the technology they would like to have, but private schools are 13% more likely to have technology access. Teachers in the southwest (Arizona, Utah, California, Nevada, etc.) tend to have more access overall.
  • Teachers use tech for an average of 56% of their classroom tools.
  • 73% of students use laptops/tablets daily, and only 42% of assignments today are done by hand.
  • Most schools (66%) provide tablets or laptops, but 25% require students to bring their own and 9% do not allow them at all.
  • 93% of schools have rules about personal smart phone and internet use, because 70% of teachers say that these devices disrupt the classroom environment.
  • Overall, teachers believe that technology makes students more productive (66%), less physically active (61%) and more intellectually stimulated (60%).

Read the full study, with informative infographics, from MidAmerica Nazarene University.

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