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Outsourced Education Technology Management

Because 21st Century Learners Need 21st Century Leaders

Maximize Learning Resources

Cut variable staffing costs and refocus dollars on quality education, while you keep top-performing IT people working for your district.

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Enable Educators to Focus on Educating

Best practices developed across dozens of districts seamlessly meet evolving IT needs, freeing educators to focus on student engagement and outcomes.

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Questeq's Education Technology Management Service

  • As district leaders formulate the vision for strategic change, Questeq becomes an integral and on-going asset in your district’s vision, transformation and operations process.

  •  Vision for strategic change begins with district leadership. Questeq will work side-by-side with leadership to navigate constraints, encourage stakeholder communication and lay the groundwork for a permanent culture of continual improvement.

  • Transformation is the proactive approach to dealing with the ever-evolving landscape of technology choices. Questeq leverages best practices developed over all the districts it manages to enhance your district’s transformation.

  • Operations define the processes and staff required to handle day-to-day management and perpetual support of the transformed environment.

Districts Partnering with Questeq

Case Studies

Wilmington Area Case History

Delivering Individualized Learning Within a Limited Budget

Together with ETM partner, Questeq, Wilmington Area School District is making a major technology transition.

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District Successfully Engaging Students in 1:1 Program

Central Valley is within its projected budget, successfully engaging in a 1:1 program with custom digital curriculum.

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  • AASA National Conference on Education
    March 2-4, 2017

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Get a complimentary “see how much your district can save” report.

Take action right now to transform your district

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