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Questeq Educational Technology Management

Maximize Your Technology's Impact in the Classroom

Questeq’s Educational Technology Management service delivers best in class technology implementation and the expertise you need to make your school’s technology vision a reality.

Strategic Change

Strategic Change

Tactical Change

Tactical Change

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support
Questeq delivers the EXPERTISE and EXPERIENCE to take your technology from wherever it is to wherever you want it to be.

See how Questeq can take your school's technology to the next level.

Schools Partnering with Questeq

Crawford Central School District
Big Spring School District
North Hills School District
Northern York County School District

“Our partnership with Questeq has transformed the utilization of technology and data at all levels of our organization. Their expertise has made technology a reliable and trusted educational resource in our classrooms, helping to transform the way in which we engage our students in their learning. Beyond that, the leadership that is provided by our Director of Technology and his staff has enabled us to maximize our utilization of instructional and administrative applications, ensuring maximum return on investment for those resources. When considering all of our partnerships that have the greatest potential positive impact for our students, staff, and community, Questeq has proven to be one of the best!”

Questeq has assisted us by providing quality enhancements to our technology program.  They have been partners in our educational progress and aided greatly with our one-to-one initiative.  I can’t say enough good things about our relationship; our district just began our second five-year contract with them.

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