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Success Stories

With Questeq, our customers are making a big impact with technology in the classroom.

South Allegheny Technology Team Stays Flexible to Meet Changing Demands

In June 2020, the South Allegheny School District made the decision to partner with Questeq in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Coupled with the typical rigors of acclimating to a new environment, their team was instantly faced with several unique challenges including preparing for a fully remote school start.

Wilmington Innovates With “EduStations”
Wilmington Innovates With “EduStations”

Wilmington innovates with “EduStations”

The Technology Team at Wilmington Area School District embraced the challenge of supporting instructional flexibility with custom-developed “EduStations” to support district teachers.

Moon tech support flexes to meet demands

The Moon Area School District Technology Team flexed and found creative ways to maintain high levels of customer service, even during the unprecedented workload demands of COVID-19.

Wilmington Innovates With “EduStations”
Wilmington Innovates With “EduStations”

Big Spring technology team delivers in a pinch

In the face of multiple obstacles (including melted internet cables), Big Spring’s tech team absorbs the blows and keeps the district on track.

Technology evens the playing field at ACLD Tillotson

Tillotson employs Tiger Zone, unique educational technology tactics to create a robust program that champions individualized learning.

Wilmington Innovates With “EduStations”

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