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Educational Technology Management Solutions

Educational Technology Management

Transform your school technology program for your teachers, students & administration.

Questeq has spent years developing and delivering an outsourced Educational Technology Management service designed specifically for the K-12 environment. Our service is built to meet the various needs and budgets of any school and can be implemented from individual components to a complete turnkey solution. Questeq brings best practices developed across all the schools we manage, enabling you to focus on the core mission of education, not just technology.

Strategic Change

The model is never the same for any school, as it is driven by the vision of the school’s superintendent and leadership team. If one of your objectives is to leverage technology to increase student engagement and empower teachers, Questeq will bring best practices learned from all the schools we manage. Chances are we can draw on experience that more quickly helps leadership realize true strategic change.


Tactical Change

Questeq leverages experience and partnerships to equip and enhance the technology infrastructure to achieve your vision. Can the school’s network support all the new devices? What are the right systems, applications and endpoints to effectively support curriculum?

Ongoing Support

The newly transformed system is not operational until Questeq maps-out the staff and structure to handle the perpetual support of the new system.

Educational Technology Management - Operations

Join the thousands of customers who trust Questeq with the management of their technology departments.

Over 100,000 Students
Over 30 Pennsylvania Schools
Over 70,000 Technology Assets
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