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Benefits of Educational Technology Management

Cut Variable Staffing Costs. Maximize Learning Resources.

Questeq helps your school save money, and allows you to use technology as part of a larger effort to boost student engagement and outcomes. Request an Educational Technology Assessment and see how your school will realize cost savings via:

  • Questeq’s fixed-fee arrangement
  • Minimum ad-hoc billing
  • Lower labor and HR costs
  • Purchasing power
  • Elimination of third party contacts
Teacher With Students In Computer Lab

Keep top performing IT people working in your school.

Keep Top Performing IT People Working In Your School.

Reduce HR and retirement system (PSERS in PA) costs, while keeping your school’s valuable technology employees. Current qualified district IT employees can be retained by Questeq, and take advantage of training, continuing education, and upward career advancement.

District Benefits of Managed IT

  • Reduced HR and retirement system (PSERS in PA) costs, while keeping your school’s valuable technology employees.
  • A comprehensive solution that directly improves the school’s learning environment.
  • Continuity even when technology personnel change jobs.
  • Complete budget control as part of a fixed fee contract that allows flexibility to transform as technology continues to constantly transform.

Technology Employee of Managed IT

  • Compensation negotiated by school as part of contract.
  • Professional training and certification opportunities.
  • Access to deep leadership and technology skills within Questeq.
  • Access to Questeq proprietary research and development.
  • Strong benefits package.

Enable Educators to Focus on Educating

Over 30 years of experience and best practices developed across dozens of schools seamlessly meet evolving IT needs, freeing educators to focus on student engagement and outcomes.

There are very few, if any, technology issues that we haven’t encountered in the K-12 environment. We believe in full transparency when managing your technology. You will have complete and accurate information on every IT decision made and dollar spent for your school.

Changes in school staff and personnel are inevitable. When internal IT staff retire or change jobs, they take their intellectual capital and institutional knowledge with them. When you choose Questeq to manage your school’s technology, our team maintains continuity of institutional knowledge through times of transition, keeping the school IT functions up and running while keeping you informed.

Providing a complete HR solution that manages the technology support personnel for your school is Questeq’s core competency.

We’re not just a part of your team, we’re part of the local community and we support the schools we serve in a variety of ways. We sponsor sport teams, provide scholarships and many of our employees become involved in extracurricular activities within the school community. We’re not a faceless technology company; in fact we’re deeply rooted in the community.

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