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Issues Driving Schools to Outsource Technology

Running a school is like running a corporation – only much harder and with greater responsibility than most corporate CEOs will ever understand. Kids futures are literally in the hands of the school. As a leading technology in education management provider, Questeq has identified multiple issues that have led many of our partners to consider Educational Technology Management in their school.

Unprecedented Pressure to Use Technology to Increase Student Achievement

In recent years, the technology investment in schools has grown astronomically. Technology now plays a significant role in:

  • Providing the necessary resources required by Common Core to engage 21st century learners in more personal, interactive and deeper experiences requiring interactive technologies.
  • Providing more timely feedback through online assessment of student learning that eliminates achievement gaps, better preparing children for global competition.
Teacher Using Tablets With Students

Skyrocketing Operational Costs

The need to refocus budgets on teaching and learning has left districts desperately looking for ways to cut variable staffing costs like:

  • Retirement contributions
  • Wage increases
  • Medical and care plans
  • Life and disability insurances
  • Medicare
  • Worker’s comp
  • Unemployment
  • Uncompensated absences
  • FICA

Increasing Demands on Technology Departments

Students Using Tablets

School technology departments must have the proper people, policies and tools to support these challenges:

  • Understanding how to leverage digital technologies to solve educational challenges.
  • Collaboration to provide the necessary training for administrative and instructional solutions.
  • Providing and managing day-to-day technology help desk support for administration, staff and students.
  • Developing and maintaining the skills required to transform the legacy model and properly manage ever-evolving technology.
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