Protecting Your Notebook with a 3 Year Warranty

Many of Questeq’s customers make sure they are getting at least a 3 year warranty on their desktop systems. We personally use and sell HP systems, and we always make sure to offer the 3 year warranty. However, many customers don’t apply the same logic to their notebooks purchases, but they probably should. Where most mid-end desktops often come with a 3 year warranty, most notebooks only ship with a 1 year warranty. This is something manufacturers do to make notebooks appear to be more affordable. Unfortunately, many customers who are used to 3 year warranties on their desktops tend to also assume their notebook purchases come with three year warranties too. This is often not the case.

On average, a post warranty notebook repair tends to involve a complete motherboard swap (since notebooks are basically a totally integrated form factor). Often, such an out of warranty hardware swap in year two or three, as a manufacturer-billed repair, costs more than the depreciated value of the notebook. So a ‘repair’ of an out of warranty notebook, even in year two, can eclipse the value of that notebook fairly easily.

That’s why we at Questeq always recommend and offer 3 year warranties on notebook purchases. Notebooks generally cost a bit more than desktops, so that makes them even more of an investment worth protecting. We also recommend HP desktops, notebooks, and workstations, which have achieved record-low failure rates for us at our sites. Good warranties and good hardware make for happy customers and productivity for those customers.

Scott Hemphill
Purchaser/Inside Sales Manager
Questeq Inc.

News Articles Added to Facebook Timeline

Questeq Facebook Timeline
Facebook recently made the timeline feature available for pages and we immediately switched to the new view. We are excited about the timeline and have been planning how to utilize this feature on our page. This morning we added some old news articles to our timeline that date back to 1987! Head over to our Facebook page to check out the articles. We will be adding additional articles, old photos and other nostalgia to our page in the near future. While you’re there…don’t forget to Like us!

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Our Approach to Assessments

With so much new technology converging in the K-12 environment, it is quickly becoming too much for one person, or even an internal IT department, to handle. To review your school district’s current state of technology we have developed a series of technology assessments that can be implemented quickly and affordably. These IT assessments provide a simple audit for your district’s readiness to upgrade equipment, to prepare for your next round of strategic planning, to introduce new technology into your current infrastructure, to address new challenges, such as online testing, or simply to assess your current spending and how you might be able to save funds.

The assessment process begins with a series of conversations/interviews with key district administration about your short and long-term goals and desired solutions. We then learn about your current environment through a series of onsite visits to collect data and details in the following areas:  Infrastructure, Endpoints, Telecommunications, Security and Safety, Applications, Operations and Services.

Once the interviews and data collection processes are complete our experienced team evaluates the data to compile a complete list of suggestions and recommend solutions to the district.  The final assessment outputs include a personalized scorecard that graphically portrays your current technology status and indicates areas of relative strength and weakness; additionally we provide an Executive Summary for administrative/Board presentation that portrays your current state in non-technical terms and relates your technology status to teaching and learning issues.

We are currently executing two “State of the Technology” assessments at both Beaver and Blackhawk School Districts.  Both projects are scheduled for completion by the end of March 2012.

Contact us today if you are interested in more information about our assessments.

Intel WiDi Wireless Display

Intel WiDi technology is built into the new HP Folio Ultrabook.  This technology could be game changing for classroom control of projectors and interactive boards.  I just purchased the NETGEAR Push2TV HD Adapter for $99. I was able to wirelessly connect the HP Folio to my TV at 1080P with sound. Running full motion video from the internet produced no lag at all! You can also duplicate and extend the desktop which is great for the classroom.

I plan to setup these technologies, at the Questeq office, with the Apple TV and Viewsonic Wireless Presentation Gateway devices. If you are interested in a demo please contact us today!

For more information about these products:

Intel WiDi Wireless Display (Intel website)

NETGEAR Push2TV HD Adapter (NETGEAR website)

Intel WiDi Wireless Display

HP Folio Ultrabook

Scott Hemphill Spotlight

Scott HemphillScott Hemphill, Director of Purchasing

Scott was hired by Questeq in 1998. In his 14 years at Questeq, he has been the director of purchasing. In addition to to those duties, Scott also handles all customer hardware/software quotes, sales orders, hardware/software partner relations, and customer inventory delivery logistics. In 2008, Scott’s role was broadened to include inside sales of hardware and software. Scott is a graduate of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.