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How the ACLD Tillotson School exemplifies personalized learning

ACLD Tillotson School

Questeq partner uses robust educational technology program, demonstrating with remarkable results that students with learning disabilities are competent learners.

As a small, 75-student school for students with complex learning disabilities, the ACLD Tillotson School is uniquely positioned to test innovative curriculum strategies – many of which include the use of educational technology that is readily available to every school. Now, just two years after initiating a Questeq partnership, Tillotson is using technology to reach each student and prepare them for success after graduation.

Get more detail on what is working for Tillotson, including video interviews with key stakeholders.

ACLD Tillotson School

If you’d like technology to bridge the gap between curriculum and engagement, here are a few tips we learned from our partnership with the ACLD Tillotson School:

  • Curriculum must lead technology. Devices should only be acquired if they directly complement the curriculum.
  • Use regular, every-day educational technology tools, but adapt them to fit the needs of each student. For example, Tillotson frequently use text-to-speech and monitoring programs to assure students are following along.
  • Re-imagine your library and other shared spaces to create a technology hub that will allow for technological collaboration throughout the student body.
  • Develop inter-departmental teaching plans centered around technology so that the students can see multiple steps in a complex process.
  • Get a technology partner that works like a tightly unified engine to achieve the school’s strategic vision
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