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Questeq's Educational Technology Management Assessment

Educational Technology Assessment

Let us help you assess your technology.

Goals of an Educational Technology Assessment

Whether you’re an established superintendent, or a superintendent moving to a new school. It’s important to understand how the school’s technology affects the educational process and student success. Do you know what your overall spend on technology is and the impact it has on your school’s educational goals?

Who do we have?

  • Technology department structure
  • Competency of each position
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Job descriptions
  • Capacity and performance
Who Do We Have?

What Are Our Deficiencies?

  • Instructional technology
  • Administrative technology
  • Assets—refresh cycle, age, types
  • Budget and spending
  • Strategy and vision
  • Support and communication

What Are Our Costs?

  • Overall technology staff cost
  • Market value of each position
  • Cost of benefits and retirement
  • Yearly inflation projections
  • Third party vendors role and cost
  • Overall technology budget
Where Could Technology Beter Impact Education?

Where Could Technology Better Impact Education?

  • Have we leveraged E-rate funding and grants properly?
  • What is the strength of technology for support of curriculum, administrative functions, data/PIMS reporting, and more?
  • How do our stakeholders view the value our technology brings?

When Will Our Technology Be Ready For Change?

  • 1:1 initiatives or BYOD
  • Cloud migrations
  • Boardroom automation
  • Library transformation
  • Flipped classroom
  • Future educational technology changes
When Will Technology Be Ready For Change?
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