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Welcome Dr. Eshbach

Dr. Eric Eshbach Joins Questeq as Educational Technology Consultant

Questeq is thrilled to welcome Dr. Eric Eshbach into the Questeq family as an Educational Technology Consultant. Dr. Eshbach is a lifelong educator who served as a school superintendent for 16 years in two Pennsylvania school districts. Most recently, Dr. Eshbach received two commissions as superintendent of Northern York County School District in completing eight years in that position.

As a recent Questeq customer, Dr. Eshbach has seen first-hand how our Educational Technology Management service has positively impacted the staff, students and administrators at Northern York County School District. His extensive knowledge of integrating technology and curriculum will help to evolve how we engage with and serve our stakeholders in the educational community.

On taking this new role, Dr. Eshbach shares, “I find great pleasure and satisfaction in working with school leaders to find solutions. I value the mentoring and guidance others provided me as a superintendent to ensure that the students I served received the best possible education, utilizing the most effective, research-proven instructional strategies, in the most cost-conscious and efficient manner possible. One of the most influential pieces of guidance I received as a superintendent involved engaging Questeq in the Educational Technology Management process. It was, quite literally, a game-changer for our staff and students. I want to engage other school leaders in discussions that lead them to make those type of game changing decisions.”

The education landscape is drastically changing, and we have the unique opportunity to make a huge difference in schools across Pennsylvania and beyond. Technology has quickly become the linchpin for the daily education of today’s students.  Inviting Dr. Eshbach to join our Leadership Team helps to reaffirm our commitment to educational technology as well as to the successes of our current and future customers.

Learn more about Dr. Eshbach and his life-long dedication to public education.

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