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3 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Curriculum and Technology

Hopewell Area School District

Dr. Michelle Miller, a Superintendent who has partnered with Questeq twice in her career, talks about how her district encourages teachers to adopt technology in the classroom.

Here are some ways that districts can begin to bridge the gap between technology and curriculum:

  • Have a technology festival where the students can be teachers. Waukesha School District in Wisconsin adopted this tactic at its annual One Conference on January 23, which is dedicated to fostering new curriculum ideas such as technology integration. The conference was held on a day off, yet students were present to demonstrate their expertise using tablets, video games, robotics and more so that teachers can consider integrating aspects into lesson plans. Read more here.
  • Work with nearby school districts that have adopted a similar technology program. Bristol-Warren Regional School District in Rhode Island turned to technology to help comply with Rhode Island’s new personalized learning program for public schools. To adopt the new technology in personalized curriculum for each student, administrators reached out to teacher-leaders in their own district and in neighboring districts who could help lead technology-based professional development programs. Read more here.
  • Identify and foster your “technology superstars.”

Watch the video below for an interview with Dr. Michelle Miller, Superintendent at Hopewell Area School District and two-time Questeq partner, to see how her district’s curriculum leaders are utilizing its “superstars” to make teachers comfortable with technology.

When approaching the technology/curriculum gap, one thing is clear: you can’t expect your teachers to do it alone. At Hopewell Area School District, the process began with a vision from curriculum leaders, and then our job was to help support administrators, teachers and staff in achieving that vision. All Questeq partners have the advantage of our expertise in Educational Technology Management and our knowledge in how to build a technology department that will integrate seamlessly into a district’s processes and culture.

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