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Big Spring’s Technology & Pedagogy Transformation Makes Headlines

Big Spring School District

Since BSSD’s partnership with Questeq began in March 2016, the district’s technology program has undergone serious changes that were embraced by students, educators and the community alike. On December 14, 2016, the Newville-Valley Times Star published a story praising BSSD’s partnership with Questeq and citing the many improvements that were achieved in less than seven months.

Click here to read the Newville-Valley Times Star story, “Big Spring Continues Technology Upgrades.” *

Incubator, Bumblebees and Bridging Gap Between Technology and Curriculum

Thanks to new technology infrastructure including nearly 1,000 new devices, Superintendent Dr. Richard Fry was poised to explore elevated curriculum that meets State standards but assesses students through the demonstration of real, practical problem-solving skills. He worked with teachers to create technology-powered curriculum for all grade levels – From third grade, where students are using tablets, desktops and technology carts to solve problems like bumble bee extinction, to twelfth, where students can team up with local business owners to learn about becoming an entrepreneur in a technology-fueled Incubator program – BSSD students are more prepared than ever to handle test-based and real-life problems.

Boy With Magnifying Glass Looking At A Flower

Hear from another district that invited Questeq to power their IT Department. The changes are almost immediate.

Watch the interview below with Michelle Miller, current Superintendent at Hopewell School district and former Superintendent at Wilmington Area School District in Pennsylvania, to hear about Wilmington’s curriculum improvements beginning at the onset of the Questeq partnership.

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