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District Adopts Philosophy to Improve Student Engagement

Avonworth School District

Avonworth School District Case Study


With a goal of dramatically improving student achievement and engagement, the Avonworth School district desired to move to a more systemic use of technology district-wide.

The Rest of the Story

Avonworth and Questeq have embraced a proactive and flexible IT customer experience philosophy that encourages an “organic” vs. mandatory adoption of technology by teachers. Senior administration, the IT team and a teacher-led technology committee work together to dramatically enhance student engagement with Chromebooks, the Cloud and the Google Apps and Google Classroom suite.

About Avonworth School District

Current Enrollment: 1,570 students with 12% on free or reduced lunch.


Prior to 2013, the availability and reliability of technology tools was a concern. Questeq was contracted to become the educational technology partner of Avonworth. Since that time, the Questeq team has stabilized the IT department and strengthened the district’s IT infrastructure (Network, Wireless, Content Filter, Email). The district has also embarked on the implementation of Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education in grades 6-12. A key part of this successful story is how the IT director and teachers worked together to facilitate widespread use of Google tools.


Technology use is very evident and totally integrated into students’ school days. Today, nearly every level of the Avonworth Middle School curriculum is utilizing the Google Apps/Google Classroom suite, and use is rapidly spreading in the high school. Student collaboration is encouraged inside and outside the classroom, and increased engagement is creating a better student work product. Some teachers have even gone totally paperless. It is anticipated that surveyed teachers will reveal greater satisfaction as compared with a benchmark taken before the Google implementation.

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