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BYOD in Education: Final Thoughts

Part 5 of a 5 Part Series

No matter how you choose to approach BYOD, remember that Questeq has been a partner in education for close to 30 years. We can help you make the proper decisions that will allow your district to properly manage, support and incorporate any consumer device.

Whether it be helping you choose the right solution to manage the devices, or to show you some ideas that you can incorporate into your curriculum to leverage the power of these devices, we have knowledgeable staff to help guide you through these important choices.

We don’t sell products we sell solutions. Whether it be an Apple iPad, an Android Tablet, a Windows tablet, one of the many smart phones available, or just a laptop or PC, it makes no difference. We can help you manage how the devices are used as well as what applications can be used.

The most important thing to remember is that adopting BYOD needs to be student driven. If you are doing it for any other reason than student enrichment, you’re doing it for the wrong reason. If you decide to adopt BYOD, then make sure you have a plan in place for what to make available to the students so you can immediately gain the benefits of the digital world.

There are many advantages to one to one computing, however it is out of reach for many small school districts. To compete in today’s world, it is almost a necessity that students each have a digital device. Sometimes BYOD is the only solution. Just make sure you are embracing it for the right reasons, and we can help you along the way.

– John Sanderbeck, Questeq Infrastructure Engineer

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