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Questeq's Continued Commitment During COVID-19 Crisis

Questeq’s Continued Commitment During COVID-19 Crisis

During this unprecedented time in our history, technology is becoming more valuable than ever. From maintaining community by video conferencing with family and friends to the increased demand for telemedicine, the role of technology professionals is more important than ever.

Ninety eight percent (98%) of Questeq’s customer base is either in education, healthcare or public libraries.  We understand first-hand how these industries are currently being impacted by this global pandemic.

Our nation’s schools are not only faced with closures but have also been asked to quickly shift how students are being educated, fed and cared for during this uncertain time. Healthcare facilities are becoming taxed beyond their capacity to care for patients with not only suspected COVID-19, but with other potentially life-threatening illnesses. Public libraries, which are the center of many communities, have been forced to close their doors.

In these uncertain, and sometimes fearful times, we want to shine a positive light on the efforts being taken by our dedicated technology teams.


Our teams are still working, either on-site or remote, to support all of our customer sites. This includes providing extended online office hours for those who need additional support.

The Questeq Help Desk and Network Operations Center are able to remotely support our sites, as they would normally do on a daily basis.


Our site managers are in almost daily communication with leadership teams at all of our sites to keep up with changing needs.

In addition, our K-12 technology teams are working with administration to provide or augment online learning resources including hardware, internet access, learning management systems and other collaborative tools.


At Questeq, our teams don’t live on separate islands. In addition to supporting and communicating with their individual sites, our managers are meeting at regular intervals to work through challenges, share resources and to celebrate successes. We continually provide company-wide web conferences to address questions and concerns from our team members.

We truly believe that the service we provide, especially during this time, is mission critical to our customers. Questeq is on this journey with our customers as we all learn to better navigate working, teaching, learning and serving others from a distance.  

Jeffrey E Main
Chief Executive Officer

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