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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October has become National Breast Cancer Awareness month and I write this to share my personal journey to make everyone aware that breast cancer can hit anywhere at any time. I was 39 when I was diagnosed with triple positive, stage II breast cancer – a very rare type of cancer which is extremely aggressive. It hit me like a Mack truck – I exercised every day, was celebrating being a newlywed and enjoying life. I entered treatment for 8 months then had surgery, radiation, and additional treatment for another year. I was lucky that the drugs worked and my tumor dissolved before I went into surgery. I celebrate this October being 3 years out of my original diagnosis and my new found love of life.

Why I am communicating my journey is to make you all aware that someone is fighting this battle, may be a relative friend or acquaintance. When cancer is caught early, it can be beat, that’s why it is extremely important to be diligent in getting yearly checkups.

Questeq celebrates the month of October and everyone that is in the battle, who has won the battle, and unfortunately, the ones who have lost the battle. Hope for a cure so we never have to lose anyone to Breast Cancer again!

– Jessica Main, Director of Business Administration

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