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Finding the Best Apps for Your Classroom

A new school year is upon us and it brings many opportunities to help your students learn in new and exciting ways. Take a look at these sites for apps that fit into your curriculum, enhance the Common Core or that support student learning goals.

Discover the best apps, games, and websites for classroom use. They also have a Common Core Explorer to find resources aligned with the Common Core.

Search for apps by theme and subject area.

Search by mobile device and learning activity.

Kathy Schrock’s Apps for Bloom’s Taxonomy:
Apps aligned with Bloom’s for Creating, Evaluating, Analyzing, Applying, Understanding & Remembering.

Also, check out these resources if you are looking for more apps or ideas on how to use them in your classroom.

50 Apps for the New School Year:

5 ways to choose and use K-5 apps, mobile devices:
This article speaks to K-5 teachers but some of the tips can be implemented in other grade levels as well.

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