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Managing District Technology During a Renovation

A construction project can be an exciting and stressful time for a Technology Department. The key to these projects is to be involved in the entire process from start to finish. Architectural drawings are created well in advance of breaking ground. The drawing should be meticulously reviewed to identify any discrepancies that may arise. These issues can easily be fixed before the project starts but once a contractor starts work per their contract, it can be difficult to change.

One of the great benefits of a construction project is when technology can be designed from the ground up. Often times existing technology is inherited and the design of a server room or network closet was not well thought out. This is the perfect opportunity to customize the area and install any wiring up to code. Having this new technology well documented and organized will provide greater reliability of systems in the long run.

Renovation projects, as opposed to new construction, offer new technology challenges. Offices and classrooms are often temporarily relocated while the project is ongoing. This poses a problem when power and network lines are not readily available in these areas. Enterasys wireless networks have proven to be a reliable means of connecting both mobile and non-mobile networked devices. Most of their wireless access points support a bridging feature which allows for a wired network to be installed in construction or classroom trailers without expensive fiber optic cable being installed. This is a quick and easy way to provide network access in an area which was not designed for such access.

Construction projects are a great opportunity to be a part of. When communication with all parties involved happens consistently, the project will continue and complete smoothly while meeting expectations.

– Brandon Gary, Questeq Technology Director 

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