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Big Spring School District Partners with Questeq

The Big Spring School District has embarked on an initiative to improve and expand technology support with the unanimous backing of its Board as it agrees to partner with Questeq Inc. for educational technology management services. Questeq will assume the management and staffing of the technology department beginning April 1st, 2016. Big Spring School District serves students in Cumberland County which is located in south central Pennsylvania. The district spans a large geographic area of 198 square miles with an enrollment of approximately 2,700 students in grades K-12.

The five year plan begins with right-sizing the technology department staff, enhancements to technical competencies, improvements in administrative and instructional application management, data integration, support and classroom innovation. Questeq currently manages technology in about 30 PA school districts, and plans to provide a high level of support and efficiency while leveraging its education technology management experience to move Big Spring forward.

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