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Questeq is now an OnSSI Partner


During the building of our Assessment Services, we discovered a need to offer a robust yet easy to use Security Camera platform to the school districts and businesses that we manage. Questeq had been a partner with Axis security cameras for over a year, however we did not have a security camera software vendor that met our needs. As of May 1st, Questeq has become partners with OnSSI, which is one of the industry leaders in security camera software. OnSSI produces a security camera package called, Ocularis. It is one of the best we have found. It possesses a large set of impressive features such as event and motion tracking, extremely fast location of key video events, instant playback during live recording and compatibility with virtually every camera on the market. Ocularis has proven to be a perfect fit in the markets we serve.

Ocularis has full remote viewing capability, so you can allow local emergency responders and law enforcement the capability to view the cameras if needed. With the release of the Ocularis-X add-on, you can now watch up to nine cameras in full high definition on your mobile devices. We are excited about this new partnership as it filled a void in the services we offer. Over the past few years, the realm of IT has expanded to handling additional pieces of hardware and software, with security cameras being the latest addition.

– John Sanderbeck, Questeq Infrastructure Engineer

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