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Supporting Microsoft Software Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

Microsoft Software Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is a software suite that enables the management of servers, desktops and mobile devices from a single location.

SCCM works by integrating with the systems already in place at each site. The suite is able to easily install applications, antivirus protection, critical updates and image new and existing devices that are located within the site domain.

Project Services is responsible for the complete setup of new SCCM servers for our customer sites as well as for the support of our sites currently using the product.

There are many challenges that technology departments face when deploying and maintaining technology devices. Three of these challenges include:

  • Device Management (imaging and inventory)
  • Application Management (installation and curation)
  • Update Management (installation and administration)

Though many solutions exist to resolve each issue individually, SCCM offers complete management of a technology environment from one location, using only one software suite. With application and update management tools built in to SCCM, as well as remote desktop support, technicians no longer need to spend long hours updating devices with latest patch or version of software.

SCCM enables our sites to tackle any technology project they can envision – from the installation of a new version of software to the rollout of brand new laptops for a one to one initiative.

Having the latest versions of updates and software mean the most secure environments for our customer sites. SCCM enables onsite staff to work on other projects as well as support users to further improve and develop the technology program.

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