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Developing Technology Refresh Plans

The Project Services team at Questeq provides proactive infrastructure management for customer sites that have contracted with Questeq to manage their technology program.

Every fall, we work with our site Technology Directors to develop infrastructure refresh plans and budgets that meet the needs of each individual district. The types of technology reviewed in this refresh include servers, backup/recovery solutions, switching, wireless solutions and other network infrastructure. Technology refresh plans are essential due to lapsing warranties, end of life support for older systems and declining performance of existing hardware and infrastructure.

The goal of each refresh plan is to move districts towards a more proactive approach for keeping technology current and performing well. This proactive approach allows districts to be prepared for the inevitable need to upgrade hardware and infrastructure over time. Once established, the refresh plan can easily be adjusted as district needs and initiatives change.

Including the infrastructure refresh projects starting this fall, Project Services currently has 95 pending projects, 52 of which are in the design or implementation phase. The projects include anything from mobile device management to Office 365 implementation, reducing the number of servers a district needs in-house by moving essential services to the cloud.

– George Heinitsh, Director of Infrastructure Services

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