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Teaching 21st Century Skills by Keeping the End in Mind

It is said that a ship without a rudder has no destination. So an organization without a vision has no direction!

Questeq believes that by developing a clear Vision of the Future and a Quality Comprehensive Plan, your organization will start marching in the right direction of achieving your mission, goals and aspiration!

We envision facilitating K-12 leaders through the transformation from traditional teacher centered classrooms to the anywhere, anytime learning that will deliver individualized curriculum to our community of teachers and learners.

The transformation process begins with a belief that individualized or personalized learning will bring more efficient and effective teaching and learning processes to our communities.

If you intend to deliver individualized learning to your community then we can help you develop a plan and road-map to get there.

Vision Management is a process that “Starts with Why” and delivers a “Quality Comprehensive Plan” that will offer a step-by-step action plan through 7 pillars of education processes.

We begin with:

  1. Governance and Administration Processes
  2. Teaching and Learning Processes
  3. Analytic and Measurement Processes
  4. Communication and Collaboration Processes
  5. Professional Development and Support Processes
  6. Network and Infrastructure Processes
  7. Physical Plant and Security Processes

In the end we will enable you to offer your students a personalized anywhere, anytime learning curriculum by embracing the 4Cs of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

– Ron Main, Chairman of the Board

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