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Picking the Right Notebook

Many people ask me if I can pick a good notebook for them and send them a quote. That’s extremely hard to do, because everyone’s expectation of what they want in a notebook is different. Oh sure, many people want 4GB of ram, Windows 7 Pro, and a good processor…but that’s the easy part. When picking the right notebook for yourself, keep in mind- the dimensions and weight are important. Some people want more of a “mobile workstation notebook”, where the screen is 15 inches diagonal and allows for a numpad to be part of the keyboard, yet some will find that unit to be way too heavy and bulky in the 5 to 6 pound range. Then an individual may find that for themselves, a 12 inch ultra portable to have too small of a screen. Some people go for the ultra-thin lightweight models, but then they realize that the DVD Rom drive will then have to be an external USB model.

For me personally, quoting a “good” desktop system is far easier than quoting a notebook to someone. When picking a notebook, screen size, weight, keyboard layout, and how the unit handles the media drive can all be a factor in determining which unit is best. So keep that in mind when considering your next notebook so we can find the notebook that best suits you.

– Scott Hemphill, Procurement Coordinator

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