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Protecting Your Notebook with a 3 Year Warranty

Many of Questeq’s customers make sure they are getting at least a 3 year warranty on their desktop systems. We personally use and sell HP systems, and we always make sure to offer the 3 year warranty. However, many customers don’t apply the same logic to their notebooks purchases, but they probably should. Where most mid-end desktops often come with a 3 year warranty, most notebooks only ship with a 1 year warranty. This is something manufacturers do to make notebooks appear to be more affordable. Unfortunately, many customers who are used to 3 year warranties on their desktops tend to also assume their notebook purchases come with three year warranties too. This is often not the case.

On average, a post warranty notebook repair tends to involve a complete motherboard swap (since notebooks are basically a totally integrated form factor). Often, such an out of warranty hardware swap in year two or three, as a manufacturer-billed repair, costs more than the depreciated value of the notebook. So a ‘repair’ of an out of warranty notebook, even in year two, can eclipse the value of that notebook fairly easily.

That’s why we at Questeq always recommend and offer 3 year warranties on notebook purchases. Notebooks generally cost a bit more than desktops, so that makes them even more of an investment worth protecting. We also recommend HP desktops, notebooks, and workstations, which have achieved record-low failure rates for us at our sites. Good warranties and good hardware make for happy customers and productivity for those customers.

Scott Hemphill, Procurement Coordinator

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